About Us

“We provide handmade organic hair and beauty products and use the finest herbs, butters and oils inspired by ancient rituals from all over the world”

Our Mission

From the beginning, IFTIIMO’s mission has been to craft organic hair and beauty products. People all over the world trust IFTIIMO for an organic hair and skincare range that guarantees flawless looking skin and healthy gorgeous hair. Drawing on a long history of traditional healing techniques, each product combines African and Ayurveda beauty rituals with herbs, butters and oils. Only the most holistic approach is taken when formulating products.
A commitment to sustainability means that the ingredients used in every product sold are grown and harvested with the wellbeing of local communities in mind. It is in IFTIIMO’s very DNA to prevent the exploitation of these communities and ensure that their ingredient source is not depleted but sustained.

About Qatan

Working in the medical research industry by day and beauty enthusiast by night, Qatan Sagaale has blended two passions to produce a high-quality range of organic hair and skincare products.
Qatan’s fascination with hair and skincare products began at the tender age of 16. In the family kitchen she would mix her own combination of herbal oils and face masks together with botanicals such as oats and turmeric.
As Qatan grew older, she became increasingly frustrated with the lack of products with organic and clean ingredients on the market. After several years of deliberation, she commenced research into the brand that would ultimately become IFTIIMO. The more Qatan dissected the market, the more it became clear there was also a significant lack of products that catered to people of colour. This was enough for her to know there was a void that needed filling.
A qualification in Laboratory Medicine and passion for beauty were fundamental in the development of products. Qatan wanted to offer environmentally conscious women and men all over the world and her background was the steppingstone that helped her do it. An unparalleled range of beauty products was the culmination of many years of research and development.

From humble beginnings

IFTIIMO was born in April 2019. Though still relatively young to consumers, the range had been in covert development for years. Qatan started experimenting with several formulations, gifting them to family and friends. Following an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, she knew she had to take a leap of faith. With a few sleepless nights but mostly laughter along the way, Qatan launched her first product, IFTIIMO’s popular conditioning growth oil. Sales went through the roof. In utter disbelief that one product could be so successful, Qatan immediately started working on the next IFTIIMO product.
The inspiration behind the name IFTIIMO came to Qatan while holidaying in London. While on a weekend away in Milan, she found herself receiving many compliments for her glowing skin. It spurred on the idea of creating a range that gave every woman and man the same experience with glowing skin and shiny hair. IFTIIMO originates from the Somali word IFTIIN which means shine, glow or light. It symbolises the connection between Qatan’s Somali heritage and her passion for hair and beauty.

Twelve months on

Twelve months after launching, IFTIIMO is going from strength to strength. A ‘hands on’ type personality, Qatan is happiest when in the lab experimenting and formulating new products. Since launching the conditioning growth oil in 2019, IFTIIMO has grown at a rapid speed. The range now includes two more haircare products and four skincare products. Qatan is working on several exciting new products with the goal to offer a comprehensive, high-quality range that women and men are proud to use.
At IFTIIMO we understand that hair textures and melanin are different in every individual; therefore, skin and hair care needs must be different too. IFTIIMO offers holistically formulated organic hair and skin care products, that protect, nourish and replenish from within. They are packed with natural oils, butters and botanicals, providing women and men with flawless looking skin and gorgeous, healthy hair.

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You can reach us by email at info@iftiimo.com.au or submit an enquiry via our contact page.

Iftiimo © 2022 All rights reserved.

Iftiimo © 2022 All rights reserved.